Security context in Spain in 2022

Pre-pandemic recovery?

15th of June 2023

Crime is no stranger to changes in the environment. In 2020 and 2021 there was a reduction in the number of criminal offenses in Spain, mostly due to the mobility restrictions as a result of COVID-19. However, in 2022 the pre-pandemic crime levels were restored and even exceeded the figures and the consequent crime rate of 2018 and 2019, following the data provided by the Ministry of Interior and the National Statistics Institute. Thus, crime is unevenly distributed throughout the Spanish landscape, with at least 12 provinces having a crime rate higher than the national rate.

Property crime deserves special attention, as it accounts for about 45% of the total crime committed in Spain in 2022, with 70 thefts, 10 home burglaries and 4 robberies in establishments being recorded every hour within national territory, among other offenses. Compared to 2021, property crimes have increased in all categories, although when comparing property crimes recorded in 2022 with 2019 we can conclude that these have not recovered pre-pandemic levels.

All in all, despite the increase in violence against people and the exponential increase in cyber frauds, among other security challenges, Spain is a safe country, with low crime rates in comparison to other countries in the geographical area and the rest of the world.

Society and crime are advancing at a staggering pace, with technology playing an increasingly important role. Therefore, security must adapt to these changes at the same pace to ensure a fair and safe society for all its citizens.

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