Our vision

Strategic reflection, anticipation and innovation

Prosegur Research is a space for analyzing and reflecting on the present and future of security. We want to share our experiences, produce knowledge supported by our in-house and external experts and contribute to the dissemination of the safety and security culture.

Our purpose

An exponential acceleration

Fernando Abós,
Prosegur Security CEO

The complexity and uncertainty of our current world creates new challenges and opportunities for the security of states, companies and citizens.

The need to observe

Carmen Jordá,
Intelligence and Foresight Project Manager

The environment continuously emits signals that, detected in time, become early warnings that reduce risks, facilitating intelligent decision-making.

Vision of the future

José María Blanco,
Prosegur Research Director

Vision of the future and prospective does not imply predicting or guessing, but rather inducing thought and reflection about the future in order to influence it.

Our Values

Objectivity and independence

Given our genuine interest in understanding the reality that surrounds us so we can adapt to its changes and anticipate its evolution, we use rigorous methodological approaches.


Enabling the conception of new ideas so the disruptive challenges experienced by society can be met with an innovative response.

Critical thinking

It allows us to understand the past, analyze the present and provide a vision of the future from a double-sided metacognitive process while minimizing bias that may affect our Research.

These values, objectivity, independence, creativity and critical thinking broaden our analytical capability. In addition, we are bolstered by the contribution of internal researchers and analysts who provide their expertise as security professionals as well as external partners that reinforce our potential as observers by nurturing our project with diverse perspectives from academic and institutions specialized in strategic studies, technology, industry and sustainability. Experts join this list as they collaborate with Prosegur Research.


Sonia Alda

Coordinator of Prosegur Research´s network of experts in Latin America.

Roberto Briceño

Director of Venezuelan Violence Observatory

Patricia Bulla

Researcher at  Ideas for Peace Foundation

Manuela Suárez Rueda​

Researcher at Ideas for Peace Foundation

Christian Vianna de Azevedo

Researcher at Global Initiative against Organized Crime

Andrea Giménez-Salinas

President of  Foundation for Applied Research in Crime and Security (FIADyS)

Mariano César Bartolomé

Director of Crime at the Inter-American Defense College

Nicolás Zevallos Trigoso

Institute of Criminology and Violence Studies

Jaris Mujica

Institute of Criminology and Violence Studies

Christian Campos Vásquez

Institute of Criminology and Violence Studies


We have partnered with IE Business School

We have partnered with Centro de Seguridad Internacional UFV (Spain)

We have partnered with Universidad Pontificia de Comillas (Spain)

We have partnered with Fundación para la Investigación Aplicada en Delincuencia y Seguridad (FIADyS) (Spain)

We have partnered with Universidad Central de Venezuela

We have partnered with Universidade Federal do Ceará (Brasil)

We have partnered with Fundación Ideas para la Paz (Colombia)

We have partnered with Universidad de Belgrano (Argentina)

We have partnered with Instituto de Criminología y Estudios sobre la Violencia (Perú)

Prosegur is member of the patronage of Real Instituto Elcano

Prosegur collaborates with Massachusetts Institute of Technology

We have partnered with Universidad Camilo José Cela (Spain)

We have partnered with Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain)