The security panorama in Argentina

10th of May 2022

The Argentinian criminality and violence panorama is diverse and differs greatly from rest of the Latin American region.

Specifically, criminal organizations located in Argentina do not appear to be characterized by direct confrontations and the sustained and systematic use of violence to intimidate or eradicate their adversaries. With the exception of the city of Rosario, confrontations between drug trafficking organizations are not commonplace. However, large cities such as Mendoza and Córdoba should not be overlooked, nor should certainly complex and highly porous border areas such as Salvador Mazza and Aguas Blancas in the province of Salta, and La Quiaca in the province of Jujuy.

Argentina has a high level of cannabis and cocaine consumption positioning itself as a relevant market at the South American level. In fact, it has consolidated its position as the second largest cocaine consumer in the region - behind Brazil - even though its population is five times larger. As drug trafficking has increased, so have the levels of violence linked to drug dealing activities in urban areas where gangs or groups fight for territorial and market control.

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