Crime within and against companies

26th of October 2022

A mapping of the main criminal typologies committed within and against companies is elaborated to explore the criminal realities and new criminal formulas. 

Companies are constantly facing a dynamic world, whose exponential transformation sometimes imposes existential challenges for organizations seeking to operate in it.

Operating in a secure environment is one of the basic challenges for the survival of businesses, but it becomes an almost impossible challenge when the threats and risks they face are unknown, and when they evolve in an accelerated and confusing manner. For this reason, Prosegur Research has initiated a series of studies on security culture that Delve into this complex problem, which includes crimes committed within companies, as well as crimes committed against companies.

Corporate crime includes all unlawful activity committed by company representatives or managers for the benefit of the company. On the other hand, by crime against companies we understand those crimes whose victim is the company and which are carried out by internal or external personnel.

This criminological and non-penal differentiation allows us to distinguish between different levels and different criminal activities that affect the company depending on who is the perpetrator and who is the victim, and their impacts and prevention formulas are totally different.

Crime studies related to business environment have traditionally focused on crimes committed in favor of the company, but there are important criminal formulas against companies: internal theft, extortion or infiltration of organized crime are some of them.

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