Evolution of global trends in 2022

28th of July 2022

The year 2022 has as many dimensions as people and environments exist in the world. Taking on the challenges and opportunities that arise with change, the only constant element, requires a permanent questioning of thinking process both in content and form. That is because what helped decision-making a few months ago may become abruptly obsolete, and vice versa; aspects that went unnoticed at the beginning of the year may have adopted a leading role in the remainder of 2022.

Analyzing the progression of the current year, assessing its non-linear path and identifying new trends is a must for any person or organization that intends to ponder on the present and the future. 

From the legitimate citizen appeals for privacy to the return of geopolitics to the boards of directors of large companies, reductions in growth expectations, job resignations or concerns about the environment due to the heat waves that are affecting our countries, are some of the examples that reflect how the humanity continues to prevail in the face of a reality that is undoubtedly hybrid, but in which the physical still holds a fundamental weight.

In recent months there has been an increase in fuel, energy and food prices, which has consequently increased inflation and the CPI, generating direct and indirect effects on other global problems such as food insecurity.

While the average inflation rate in the world was 4.35% in 2021, in 2022 it is 7.4%. Meanwhile, in Spain, inflation reached its peak in 2022 in June, standing at 10.2%.

Thus, organizations such as the International Monetary Fund are lowering world economic forecasts for the global economy, advanced economies and emerging and developing economies, which could worsen in the event of a cut in the supply of Russian gas.

As a result, inflation is expected to remain elevated in the coming months, and this scenario of uncertainty, together with a tightening of international finances, could place many countries on the abyss of recession.

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