People in Hybrid Security

25th of April 2024

The constant transformation of the environment in which we are immersed requires a continuous capacity to adapt to changes at all levels. In this sense, drivers such as technology, demographics or socioeconomic conditions are having a profound impact on the way work is carried out, allowing for a resetting of the labor market at a global level. Faced with this panorama, different companies and international institutions are studying the skills that will make a difference in the value of workers.

The skills needed today are already changing rapidly: technical skills continue to be relevant, but more purely human skills such as communication and collaboration are gaining in importance. Thus, interaction with new technological developments and the ability to learn new knowledge have become fundamental skills. The key lies in the alignment between human resources, equipped with knowledge and experience, with the appropriate technological means, with the aim of adapting to constant changes in the environment.

Thus, at Prosegur Research we believe that there are four main categories of skills, knowledge, aptitudes, and attitudes that best prepare the worker for the changes in the labor market that are approaching in the future and that best show the pillars of the so-called hybrid security: digital skills, security skills, self-management, and human skills.

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