Trends in security technological innovation

Prosegur Research and Strategy – Market Intelligence

01th of March 2023

Security is an evolving concept, reflecting the changes that societies face as technological, human and social development advances. In order to understand that threats are hybrid and risks are systemic requires a broad and reflective vision of the future. Moreover, if innovation is carried out by people, in order to overcome the problems in its implementation process, it is necessary to work with the most human competencies. And, like everything human, innovation is an imperfect and varying process, thus presenting problems of vision and pathologies of innovation.

Science and technology, as environments particularly conducive to innovation, shape formulas and approaches that are especially useful in the world of security. In turn, the academic world and technological developments also define new threats, and thus also mark the evolution of the phenomenon itself. In addition, the security industry is currently facing multiple changes in the way data is collected and analyzed. It is in this combination of new security technologies and new analysis methodologies that the real epicenter of innovation for the coming years lies.

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