The world in 2023

12th of January 2023

Undoubtedly, this turbulent sea we are living in is generating waves of change that are sweeping away what we thought existed and what we knew: health and environmental challenges that have cost the lives and health of many, technological, scientific and industrial advancements that are taking companies and sectors by storm, critical situations with constant geopolitical and economic tensions throughout the world are emerging, and an endless number of components that are changing what we have known up to now. There is a greater transversality in the security issues that concern people around the world; we are recognizing that the world's threats are hybrid, that the risks we face are systemic, and that the enormous complexity in which we are immersed comes from a greater incidence of disruptive and increasingly volatile events.

Reading the present and anticipating the future as far as possible requires a broad and deep vision, including the strategic value of all representation, especially data, taking advantage of its full potential with transparency, humility and courage.

For this reason, Prosegur Research offers, within the framework of the 7 keys of the future, a series of trends and focuses for this coming year to which to pay attention, in very diverse matters and with very broad and varied impacts. In addition, a security calendar has been prepared, which can be downloaded independently, which includes a series of events throughout the year that may mark the security agenda in 2023, from elections to international summits, among others.

In 2023 we will witness the materialization of new hybrid threats, as has already been observed in the current year: attempts on the lives of some people, attacks on critical infrastructures or the increase in cyber-attacks in a generalized manner at a global level are just a few examples.

For this reason, based on our own analyses and on reports by prestigious international institutions and corporations, we have identified those hot spots that could pose a major challenge in geopolitical, economic and/or social terms. Despite the map, this does not prevent us from considering that new threats may also emerge or materialize in other countries that are not mentioned, which could jeopardize security in the broadest sense of the term.

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