A twist on the world in 2023

27th of July 2023

Throughout the year 2023, we are witnessing the moment of change or reconstruction taking place at a global scale. As anticipated in the report The World in 2023, released by Prosegur Research at the beginning of the year, the equilibrium between the traditional and the innovative is being conditioned by the impact of disruptive events that often exhibit hybrid characteristics.

This situation has highlighted the volatility of the system and exacerbated the uncertainty, thus necessitating a broad and deep focus on the future while reviewing the underlying premises that serve as our anchors becomes more important than ever. Beyond the analysis of infinite variables in today's complex and dynamic environments, it is critical to seek simplicity. For this reason, to respond to the different approaches to the reconstruction of the world, Prosegur Research has revised the 7 keys to the future proposed in previous reports and transformed them into 5.

We find ourselves in a fascinating technological moment, in which people and organizations demonstrate a notable preoccupation in terms of both threats and opportunities. Correctly identifying the technological challenges, which we will face in the close future will delineate the true capacity for visionary thinking within the design, the implementation, and the use of the most groundbreaking technologies.

The uncertainty derived from volatile times and the emergence of new technologies, which have accelerated the transformation of business era, underscores the challenges arising from the ongoing reconstruction of the world. The increase in Internet speed, greater network capacity and lower latency, as well as the integration of advanced technologies indicate that they will cease to be independent, separate media. In the future, they will converge offering greater interoperability and stability enhancing their use, which shall ultimately as a unified whole, the efficiency shall far exceed the mere aggregation of their separate elements. When we achieve this perfectly synchronized choreography, their potential to provide contributions to the world concerning innovation will be critical.

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