The dystopian wave of artificial intelligence: a framework of competencies

Hybrid Security Series

11th of June 2024

Since the twentieth century, technological development has lived with the internet an exponential growth that, as great wave of change, has gained great prominence given the opportunities and potentials arising from their convergence. In this context, artificial intelligence, a concept as old as computation itself, and which was coined in the 1950s, has experienced a great boom given the explosion of digital data and advances in computer processing capacity.
According to Gartner, every technology goes through a life cycle with a certain level of homogeneity, from its conception to its massive adoption and stabilization in the markets. Overall, AI would be suffering a vertiginous ascent in a reduced amount of time.

Under the framework of hybrid safety, people are the very essence of the model, since without experts you cannot carry out thousands of operations, controls, and daily reports at different geographical points simultaneously. The question, therefore, is whether companies are prepared for AI. Thus, intelligent technological empowerment should not be seen as a watertight and timely process in companies but should be incorporated as a habit: if technologies follow a cycle called technological hype, only organizations that keep constantly updated on the most disruptive innovations will be able to surf the wave -or tsunami- of hype, staying ahead and setting a differential value.

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