The humming of the criminal world

05th of October 2022

Drones are emerging as one of the main tools of the future to perpetrate sabotage, terrorist actions and other illicit activities that endanger the integrity of people and infrastructures.

The capabilities of drones in terms of connectivity, precision, autonomy and detectability substantially broaden their possibilities of use, accounting for the current ecosystem of technological convergence. In addition, the incorporation of cameras, sensors and other devices has led to a commercialization that ranges from toys to weapons for military conflicts.

As a result, drones have acquired great relevance, with a very booming economic scope projected for the coming years: up to ninety billion dollars by 2030.

The popularization of the use of drones, the decrease in the cost of production and the consequent increase in accessibility, as well as this wide variety of uses, has led different criminal and terrorist organizations to incorporate this type of technology in their operations.

Thus, the obtaining of information of interest and private images stands out, with the aim of tracking potential victims or carrying out illicit activities such as robberies or extortion; in addition, the transportaton of goods such as drugs or weapons are other activities that are being carried out to minimize the risk of detection; finally, attacks and cyberattacks are other advantages offered by drones, from crashing them against people or infrastructures to the ability to perform agile and hardly detectable logical attacks.

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