Security Outlook for Spain 2022

Analysis of the main crime statistics and security threats

22th of December 2022

This study, a collaboration carried out between Prosegur and the Center for the Global Common Good of the Francisco de Vitoria University (UFV), consists of six fundamental chapters that analyze part of the integral whole that is security in Spain: the geostrategic context, citizen security, organized crime, terrorism and violent extremism, environmental crime and cybercrime.

Spain is a safe place, where its citizens enjoy civil rights and liberties guaranteed by the State, the Security Forces and private security entities. However, we face significant threats and challenges from many different areas. What is certain is that the turbulent transition period from 2020 to 2022 has contributed to an increase in the feeling of insecurity: whereby a new geopolitical and geoeconomic conflict began to loom on the horizon, in addition to growing economic crises, increased conflict and political fragmentation.

In terms of public safety, data from the Interior Ministry show an increase in criminal offenses in 2021, although the crime rate is the lowest of recent historical overview -41.3 per 1000 inhabitants-. In this regard, property crimes -35% of the total- and the apparent increase in violence against persons stand out.

Organized crime is one of the greatest current challenges to the stability and development of any state, with drug trafficking representing the leading illicit activity, as it highlights the ability of these organizations to infiltrate and undermine the foundations of the institutional and economic structure of nations. As for terrorism, it is a constantly evolving threat and the Internet has facilitated the dissemination of violent propagandistic content, in addition to the emergence of new demonstrations on both sides of the ideological extremes.

The relevance of the preservation of natural heritage is likewise highlighted, due to the serious social and economic costs which derive from the destruction of ecosystems, in addition to environmental crimes which increased by 39% in 2021. Finally, cybercrimes have continued to increase in recent years, especially scams, threats and coercion. In addition, vulnerabilities in the supply chain and for the business continuity of a multitude of companies have multiplied.

In conclusion, when faced with this volatile scenario, companies must build new risk control strategies in order to adapt. The increasingly complex and unpredictable geostrategic and socioeconomic scenario in which Spain finds itself, is here to stay and is thus the new environment in which large international corporations will have to operate in the future.


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